If you need root canal treatment in the Saratoga Springs area, you are probably already in pain from toothache, and you may be dreading having to go through the root canal in order to get the relief you need.

As dental procedures go, root canal therapy is probably the most feared. Performed in an effort to remove infection from an affected tooth and to alleviate the extreme pain that it causes, root canals are actually nothing to be afraid of.

A root canal simply alleviates the pain by creating a small hole in the crown of the infected tooth and cleaning out the infection present in the pulp chamber. After the space has been completely cleared, it is filled with a rubber-like material and a temporary filling is placed on the crown. After a healing period has passed, the dentist will either recommend a permanent filling or a crown to restore full functionality to the tooth.

Because untreated infections can inflame the nerves of the tooth and further tooth decay, it is imperative that they are effectively treated. By specializing in Endodontics, we provide exemplary care that ensures that your nerves are protected and not causing you undue pain.

If your toothache is causing you to suffer, emergency appointments can be scheduled by calling our patient care team. Don’t delay. Our gentle and compassionate care will have you re-thinking what you believe about root canals.