As experts in cosmetic dentistry, we specialize in the creation and placement of custom dentures. Dentures allow people with missing teeth to once again experience the ability to chew and speak without issue. As an affordable yet highly-effective tooth replacement option, dentures remain one of the most popular because of their natural look. Whether partial, or full upper or lower dentures are needed, we work to ensure that our patients experience the functional beauty of a full and healthy set of teeth once again.

Constructed of the highest-quality dental materials, dentures made through our dental labs are meant to last for 10 to 20 years. Using high-tech design applications and cutting-edge techniques, we’re able to manufacture superbly-fitting dentures that enable the wearer to smile, talk and chew without any problem. Compared to other tooth replacement options, dentures are highly effective for their relatively affordable cost.

In an effort to ensure that either full or partial dentures are appropriate for your oral health care needs, we schedule a number of comprehensive appointments. We’ll take both x-rays and molds of your mouth to ensure a proper fit during the first visits. We’ll then create temporary dentures that can be worn while your mouth heals (if teeth were adjusted or removed to create room for your new dentures). After the lab has created your custom dentures, we’ll schedule another appointment for a proper fitting, adjusting the final product as needed.

As you live with your new dentures, you’ll find that regular adjustments are needed to avoid sore spots or slippage and to block food particles from getting under your dentures. If you’re looking for permanent dentures, you should ask if you’re a good fit for dental implants.

After decades of experience creating high-quality, ultra-functional dentures for hundreds of our patients, we have become the region’s most trusted cosmetic dentist. Find out more about dentures and if they are right for you by scheduling a confidential appointment with our dentist today.