Ask almost anybody about their teeth, and they’ll be likely to tell you that they have at least one filling in their mouth. This is because fillings, either amalgam or composite, are one of the most common dental procedures. Meant to protect a damaged or decaying tooth from further issues, dental fillings help to restore strength to negatively affected teeth. Tooth fillings are most often associated with the presence of dental cavities, but they can also be used for teeth that show a loss of enamel or for those that need to be evened out for improved biting and chewing abilities. With proper care, a filling can last for an estimated 15 to 20 years.

At Saratoga Springs Dentistry, we can quickly and affordably determine if placing a cavity filling is the proper treatment method for you. Only after a proper assessment can the dentist recommend a filling. In the case that this is what we recommend, we’ll schedule a personal care appointment where the filling can be placed. After a thorough cleaning of the area, we’ll administer anesthesia and prep the area. Depending on where the tooth is located, and your preference, we’ll decide upon whether amalgam (silver) or composite (white) filling would be best for aesthetics and wear.

Fillings are just one way to protect and beautify your smile, creating strong, healthy teeth that are guarded against future decay.

Find out more about dental fillings and if they are the right procedure for your oral health care needs by scheduling an appointment with our team now. We take a variety of insurance carrier options and look forward to helping you experience optimal dental health.