Whether you’re looking for a dentist to complete regular check-ups, a kid-friendly dentist, or if you need more advanced services like a root canal or an implant, you can find it all at Saratoga Springs Dentistry. Our compassionate and friendly hygienists love creating an environment where everyone feels welcomed and comfortable. We understand that going to the dentist isn’t everyone’s favorite thing, but we always strive to go above and beyond in ensuring you get the care you need in an office that is clean and bright. Learn more about our dental services below and schedule an appointment with Dr. Glenn Park today.

  • General Dentistry & Cleanings

    A professional cleaning is the first step in preventing more serious issues from developing. We’ll start with a general examination of the teeth, gums, and mouth to determine if any issues need to be addressed. Then we’ll continue with a thorough cleaning and flossing to remove any built-up plaque. If any issues are found during a cleaning, we’ll offer a treatment plan that fits your needs and budget.

  • Cosmetic Dentistry

    To give you a beautiful and bright smile, we offer a range of cosmetic dentistry services, including teeth whitening, veneers, implants, and more. We know how important a clean smile is to our patients and we want to do what we can for you to feel confident. If you’re not happy with the look of your teeth, schedule a consultation with our dentist today.

  • Bridges

    If you recently had a tooth extracted or have been living with a missing tooth, a bridge is a tooth replacement option that can offer relief from eating problems, troubles talking, or embarrassment. Learn more here.

  • Fillings

    Finding a cavity during your regular cleaning is discouraging, but it’s important to have it filled as quickly as possible. The dentist and hygienists at Saratoga Springs Dentistry strive to make this process as quick and painless as possible. The longer a cavity goes without being filled, the higher chance of that tooth becoming infected grows. Don’t wait to have cavities filled.

  • Implants

    Tooth implants are available for those with missing teeth, or if a tooth is broken or chipped and needs to be extracted and replaced. Our dental office utilized the latest technology, equipment, and techniques to ensure that your appointment goes smoothly.

  • Dentures

    Saratoga Springs Dentistry offers both full and partial dentures. If you have multiple teeth missing or damaged, dentures can be a cost-effective way of giving you back a smile you love. We offer a variety of payment methods.

  • Root Canals

    No one should have to put up with tooth pain. If one of your teeth is infected or damaged, a root canal is a procedure that cleans out the tooth and repairs it with either a permanent filling or crown. We offer several pain management options and compassionate service, so don’t hesitate to contact a dentist about tooth pain.

  • Teeth Whitening

    From sodas and coffee to the foods we eat, there are dozens of things that can eventually stain our teeth. If your teeth aren’t as white as you would like them, or have a yellow tint to them, we have multiple teeth whitening options.

  • Emergency Dentistry

    There’s no way to predict when an accident will occur. If you are suffering from significant tooth pain, lost a tooth in an accident, or your gums are bleeding, contact us right away from treatment. We can provide quick and efficient care.

Whatever your needs are, you can count on the team at Saratoga Springs Dentistry. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment.