Going to the dentist is not everyone’s idea of a great time, and if you have been to a couple of dental checkups and gotten a clean bill of health, you might be tempted to skip one or two of them. However, it’s a good idea to not skip any of your dental checkups. Here are some of the reasons why our Sarasota Springs dentist would recommend that you get your checkups faithfully.

1. Your 6-month checkup lets you catch dental problems early

You may not take it too seriously when your dentist or hygienist probes your gums and finds that you have the early stages of gingivitis. However, it’s much better to catch it while it’s still mild than to let it go until your periodontal disease is so inflamed that you’re losing teeth. Whether the dentist finds early-stage cavities or early-stage gum disease, it’ll be better to catch them early. Treatment will be cheaper and quicker, and you’ll have more options of what treatments are available to you.

2. Having regular checkups will help your teeth to last for a lifetime

If you wait to go to the dentist until you know that you have a cavity, or worse, you wait to go until you have a bad toothache, you could be putting your teeth at risk. Tooth decay, when it progresses past a certain point, could leave the dentist with no choice but to extract your tooth. The loss of even one tooth is a big change, and you don’t want it to be followed by the loss of other teeth. Even if you don’t lose your teeth themselves, too much decay could cause your tooth nerves to calcify, depriving them of sensation and putting you at risk of not even realizing that you’re experiencing further decay. You’ll thank yourself if you get your teeth to last for a lifetime, and regular dental checkups are a strong part of your strategy to do just that.

3. Regular dental checkups are almost always covered by insurance

If you come in for a regular teeth cleaning and checkup twice a year, most insurance plans will cover that completely, as it’s considered preventive maintenance. Think about it: Insurance companies are out to make a profit. They don’t cover things for free out of the goodness of their heart. They do it because they know that you’ll end up costing them far less in claims in the long run if you get your regular dental checkups. If the insurance companies are so convinced of this that they’ll completely cover your preventive maintenance, shouldn’t you take notice? After all, you have a far greater incentive than the insurance company does to do what is available to get good results. For the insurance company, it’s just money. For you, what’s on the line is a working set of teeth for biting and chewing for the rest of your life.

4. Regular dental checkups keep your teeth bright and sparkly

There’s something to be said for the appeal of a bright, white smile. Your teeth aren’t just for biting and chewing; they’re for smiling, too, and a beautiful smile is something that works wonders for both men and women in boosting your confidence, landing a better job, attracting romantic partners, and simply feeling like you’re able and willing to smile big without keeping your teeth covered by your lips.

Don’t miss your dental checkup!

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