Nobody ever wants to break a tooth. Your teeth are supposed to be there for life, and if you lose part or all of one of your adult teeth, you won’t grow it back. Fortunately, modern dentistry has come up with many advances that bring relief to patients. We have gone far beyond the days when dentures were the best option available. No matter what kind of damage has happened to your teeth, you have many alternatives available to you. In this blog post from our dental clinic in Saratoga Springs, we’ll cover some of the ways that cosmetic dentistry can help you to get back the function and beauty of your teeth.

1. Dental Implants

This is the number one option if you have missing teeth, preferred by both dentists and patients, as it has practically no downside. However, dental implants aren’t just a good option for teeth that are already missing. They can also be an alternative if you have teeth that are so severely broken, damaged, or decayed that your dentist has no option but to perform an extraction. If you know beforehand that you’d like implants, talk to your dentist about it so that you’ll know the right path forward.

Dental implants benefit you because they are built on a titanium post that anchors directly into your jawbone, forming a substitute “root” for your tooth that is stable, functional, and easy to work with. Then, the dentist will form a crown that looks like a natural tooth and attach it to the titanium post. No one will know the difference, and you won’t have a tooth that’s prone to getting loose. You’ll also protect that section of your jawbone from bone loss that can occur when a tooth is missing for an extended period of time.

2. Crowns

If you have a chipped tooth, cavity, or decayed tooth, your dentist might also recommend a crown. This is a dental technique that shaves your original tooth down to a small nub so that the crown can be fixed to it. Basically, it makes use of your own tooth’s root to anchor the crown on top rather than a titanium root. This is an irreversible process, but it can be a good option if your tooth is in overall good shape with just a crack or blemish that can be shaved off and replaced with a crown.

3. Veneers

Dental veneers are thin pieces of tooth-colored material, such as porcelain, that are bonded to the front of your teeth. Veneers can help if your teeth are severely stained, chipped, or broken. Veneers can also help if you have teeth that have become very short with age, and they can cover a wide gap between two teeth, allowing your smile to look as natural and beautiful as you’ve always dreamed that it should.

4. Bridges

When you have a missing tooth but don’t want the expense of an implant, a bridge might be an option for you. A dental bridge makes use of a neighboring tooth as the anchor. Your dentist will fill in the gaps for one or more teeth by joining the artificial tooth to an existing tooth. This usually requires filing down the two teeth on each side of the gap and creating a crown that is built to look like multiple teeth. The crown will be attached to the existing tooth roots, covering the hole where a tooth was missing with a realistic-looking tooth.

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