There are plenty of dental myths that have been spread throughout the years, and have often become cemented as facts in our brains, even when they are untrue! In today’s post we’ll take a look at some of the most common myths about your teeth and their care. When you want to learn more or you want to get a thorough cleaning and checkup, you can always contact the team at Saratoga Springs Dentistry. Our friendly dentists will help you keep your teeth clean and can recommend daily care routines to fit your needs.

Sugar Causes Cavities

The most common dental myth that we see is that sugar causes cavities. This is not fully true! The thing that causes cavities is the formation of plaque on the teeth. What sugar does cause is increased formation of plaque. If you don’t brush away the plaque from your teeth regularly, it can easily lead to cavities in the mouth. This can happen with or without excess sugars! However, adding more sugar to your diet can quickly lead to more plaque formation, as well as other health issues.

Brushing Hard Cleans Your Teeth Better

When you’re brushing your teeth, do you push super hard to make sure you are getting all the plaque and bacteria off your teeth? Stop! While you may remove a small extra amount of plaque, when you brush too hard, you can also remove other things. You can cause damage to the protective enamel on your teeth or hurt your gums when you brush too hard, which will lead to much more serious dental issues.

It’s Normal For Gums To Bleed During Flossing and Brushing

If your gums are bleeding regularly, that means your gums aren’t healthy! If you are taking care of your gums, they should be healthy and pink, and they should rarely bleed. When your gums are bleeding regularly, that means that there could be further issues that you are unaware of and you should consult with your dentist right away.

Sugar-Free Drinks Are Better For Your Teeth

We’ve already discussed how sugar leads to plaque which can damage your teeth, so sugar-free drinks should be better, right? Wrong! Sugar-free drinks have been shown to be more acidic than standard drinks, and this can lead to damage of tooth enamel. This leaves your teeth with less protection and can make them more susceptible to further damage from plaque and bacteria.

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